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1. Rebuilt / repaired sloppy interior cabinetry
2. Added drawer locks
3. Added new drawer (about 24"x24"x4")
4. Replaced 2 cabinet drawers with 40% larger drawers with ball bearing slides.
5. Removed drawer under table front bench seat, partitioned space, built 2 drawers for the outside partition using max. space and ball bearing side rails and left back space open. 2017 did the same for other bench seat
6. Added ball bearing drawer slides and enlarged drawer all drawers
7. Partitioned front bench storage compartment for separate inside and outside use
8. Added hinged shelf under seat and above power converter / shore cable compartment
9. Added large shelf under sink. Added LED lighting in the under sink cabinet
10. Added 2 new cabinets (about 1 ½ cu.ft.)
11. Removed both built in radio speakers and converted spaces to cabinets
12. Made new counter tops using ?” aircraft plywood and Formica
13. Made new table top using ?” aircraft plywood and 1/32" Formica
14. Added towel hangers and trays on under sink cabinet doors
15. Designed and built counter shelf - a big success
16. Added kitchen utensil organizers
17. Removed outdoor shower and associated plumbing
18. Replaced plastic sink faucet with standard faucet with spray nozzle
19. Added pressure tank to water system to reduce cycling
20. Vibration isolated and sound proofed water pump
21. Re-routed under sink plumbing
22. Changed microwave to lower power unit for 1kv generator use
23. Added interior remote controlled motion detector alarm
24. Replaced main DC power from battery to power Center cable with 8 gauge wire
25. Changed all exterior lights to LED (running, tail and doorway)
26. Changed all ceiling light fixtures to LED
27. Added remote controlled dimming LED strips to poles above the beds and table
28. Rebuilt over-sink florescent fixture with LEDs to provide low, medium, high brightness level
29. Added LED backup and side scene lights
30. Added LED light to outside compartment
31. Added dimmable red night lights along the floor
32. Added decorative LED lighting around canopy
33. Added remote controlled, dimming LED waterproof bar lights for under canopy lighting
34. Re-routed electrical outlets to improve load balancing
35. Added new 15 amp circuit, outlet and outlet strip by the table
36. Added DC voltage and current meters to monitor use when on battery power
37. Added exterior shore power indicators on both sides of RV
38. Added blown fuse indicators to power converter
39. Moved outlet that blocks access to cabinet
40. Re-routed roof to base wires and cables
41. Added rear view camera for use while driving
42. Added exterior levels to each outside corner
43. Added new longer and bigger diameter under trailer tube for sewer pipes storage
44. Added amplified digital TV antenna mounted on top of A/C
45. Added 2 satellite cable outside connections
46. Added larger sealed Deep Cycle Battery Class 31
47. Had refrigerator repaired because control board was defective (warranty just after purchase)
48. Designed and added exterior refrigerator controls for Dometic 8551
49. Added interior fan to refrigerator
50. Added insulation around refrigerator
51. Added duct to refrigerator cooling fans to improve efficiency (made huge difference)
52. Lowered refrigerator cooling fans turn-on temperature
53. Rewired refrigerator with heavier wire & added connectors in accordance with mfg. specifications which improved efficiency by nearly 20% by reducing voltage loss in the cables
54. Modified bathroom door to assemble and work better
55. Marked canopy upright poles so they can easily be set to desired lengths
56. Added dual 20# Propane Tanks with tank mount
57. Added turf pad to door step
58. Added indoor/outdoor carpet runners inside RV
59. Added temperature controlled microwave cooling fan
60. Added dual sensor smoke / fire detector
61. Added 2" hitch receiver to back bumper
62. Added additional bolts to rear bumper to prevent twisting
63. Created spreadsheet of what and where everything can be found
64. Made brighter colored and better quality curtains that don’t melt in the sun
65. Had a/c replaced because it was defective (prior to purchase) and added a heater element
66. Added a customized wall thermostat to control the A/C & Propane Furnace (modified A/C to work with a wall thermostat)
67. Replaced leaky rubber propane hoses with copper tubing
68. Replaced single tank regulator and Tee fitting with a dual propane tank regulator
69. Removed high pressure propane line from outside stove
70. Removed exterior high pressure propane stove
71. Added cable to turn the exterior stove compartment cover to become a counter
72. Replaced roof lift power pack and ran heavy gauge wire direct from battery
73. Repaired canopy case because the stitching fell apart
74. Replaced bent axle - told by Dexter, the mfg, it was bent but it didn't fix the tire wear problem
75. Replaced manual adjust brakes with automatic adjust brakes
76. Replaced wheel drums
77. Replaced tires and rims with higher load capacity radial tires
78. Had 11 welds under the RV fixed because they were defective
79. Repaired improperly installed suspension slipper springs that didn’t slip
80. Up-graded to 2000 lb trailer hitch jack
81. Added weight equalizing cam sway control hitch
82. Added steel bars across front RV frame to attach accessories
83. Built two 2 cu. ft. custom storage boxes on front rack for jack and trailer setup parts
84. Added platforms on front rack for two gasoline containers
85. Designed and built a campsite side to side slope gauge
86. Designed and built a TV satellite line of sight viewer
87. Painted bright stripe on hitch receiver viewable in cars reverse camera
88. Added brightly colored dowel with a magnet on end to put on car hitch as a backup guide
89. Made foam board liners that surround bed for cold weather camping
90. Added 1/2" padding with reflective covering under both beds
91. Replaced bedding with high quality dual density foam mattress
92. Replaced 6 gallon propane water heater with 10 gallon propane and electric water heater
93. Replaced hand shower head with a real shower head and modified water to work with a single valve
94. Added plastic liners to bathroom for showers
95. Revised door storage from ceiling to floor across slide-out
96. Made night lite name sign with animal statues for site beautification
97. Added 110VAC 15 Amp shore inlet to power new water heater
98. Added 24 volt power system for portable dometic freezer
99. Replaced all bed rollers, end caps (AL), wedges (AL), and nylon slides. Helped a little but still does not slide freely. Design was good but implementation was poor (too much slop in the fit). I'm going to study drawer slides and see if I can make long ones out of short ones.
100. Sewed and sealed all canvas to roof seams to repair seams that have failed
101. Replace stabilizer jacks with better quality scissor stabilizers
102. Added remote readout tire pressure gauges
103. Added remote readout leveling system
104. Added removable reflective roof covers to bed pullouts, dinette slide out and windows to reduce heat load on hot sunny days

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